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The Spanish government has presented the plan «Spain, Audiovisual Hub of Europe» with the aim of promoting the audiovisual sector and turning Spain into a leader in digital audiovisual production. The priorities of this plan are to make Spain a pole of attraction for audiovisual production, improve the competitiveness of companies through the application of new technologies and generate talent by reducing the gender gap.

The four axes on which the program is based

To achieve these objectives, the plan contemplates measures based on four main axes. In the first place, it seeks to digitize, internationalize and attract investment through the development of an internationalization program for the audiovisual sector, a program to attract filming and foreign investment , and the creation of a single point of information and a centralized point of contact.

Secondly, measures are planned to facilitate access to financing and the application of tax incentives for audiovisual production in Spain.

The third axis focuses on the availability of talent and the development of human capital . The objective is to adapt training plans to the skills demanded by the industry and provide institutional support for the implementation and dissemination of training programs launched by companies in the audiovisual sector. Finally, actions are planned to improve regulation and eliminate administrative barriers.

What formats is it for?

The «Spain, Audiovisual Hub of Europe» plan is aimed at all formats in the audiovisual sector , including movies, series, shorts, advertising, video games or animation. This plan is expected to benefit the Spanish audiovisual sector, making Spain a leader in digital audiovisual production and a pole of attraction for international investment and talent.

In this way, new investment and long-term growth opportunities will be generated, improving Spain’s position in the global audiovisual production market.

SocialERP, the best ERP system for audiovisual production companies

At TeleGestion we are expectant with this very good news. In the difficult market for ERP and CRM solutions, our SocialERP system specialized many years ago in the «Creative Production» business model , that is, the model of those companies whose product is the Creative Project in general: Audiovisual, publicity, public events, etc.

This specialization that began around 2020 with the entry of the production company EL DESEO among our clients. From that moment on, a deep collaboration process with this leading audiovisual production company in our country made our SocialERP system the system best adapted to the needs of audiovisual production companies .

The subsequent entry of the Tornasol Films production company , the oldest and most prolific in our country, strengthened our specialization in the audiovisual medium, and with Paraddax  we fully entered the world of public events.


Por todo esto, desde SocialERP Telegestión tenemos grandes expectativas de crecimiento a partir del anuncio de «España, Hub Audiovisual de Europa”. Estamos a disposición de todo el ecosistema de empresas de producción creativa para aportar, desde nuestra experiencia de más de 30 años, las mejores prácticas en la gestión de empresas audiovisuales y de producción publicitaria.